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Meet our leadership

We’re a passionate group of individuals who share a passion for teaching. We believe the right tools in the hands of instructors can significantly improve education, we are dedicated to this idea and to delivering the best tool for your classroom.

  • Noenye


    Noenye studied Marketing at University of Staffordshire and has since used his knowledge and skills to help companies and individuals grow their businesses. He is also a professional Singer, Songwriter & Musician and is passionate about passing on his love for music and marketing to others through tutoring.

  • Anna


    Anna graduated from the Royal College of Arts and for several years combined an international career spanning stints in Australia, Singapore, Honduras and the US with her passion for teaching, she teaches Design Thinking to students at her alma mater and is responsible for design at Class Captain.

  • John


    John is a certified Business Analyst and has been tutoring for over 10 years, he started tutoring during his undergraduate studies but has continued long after his student days, he greatly values that moment when his students finally grasp an idea and hopes to bring this joy to others. He handles the everyday operations here at Class Captain.

  • Akanimo


    Our resident tech wizard, Akanimo has worked in and taught classes in technology for over 15 years. He credits his math teachers for his continued passion for problem solving and attempts to instil the same fervour in his students.

  • Joanna

    Customer Success

    Joanna is our skilled Customer Success leader. Based in Barcelona, she has a degree in Business Administration and a proven track record of helping customers achieve their business goals through excellent service and support. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan and French, which allows her to communicate effectively.

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