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Are you tired of having to go from one platform to another to have a view of your complete teaching schedule? Use Class Captain today to get organized.

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Why tutors choose Class Captain?

We've helped hundreds of tutors launch and run their business, and we're confident that Class Captain can do the same for you. Our streamlined onboarding process means your account will be ready in no time

Tutoring CRM

Simple CRM

A modern cutting edge tool to manage and organize your Students, Classes and your time. Set your prices, set your own hours.

Team Smart

Teach Smart

Schedule recurring lessons, assign prior reading with notes, gather as well as provide feedback at the end of every lesson.

Analytics dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

How many hours have I worked this month? Will I earn enough this month? Get quick access to the numbers that mean the most to you.

The complete tutoring platform

Schedule recurring lessons, with Calendar integraton and email notifications, messaging tool for easier communication with your students, user profiles and ratings system. All of this on a secure platform where the privacy of your data is guaranteed by the strongest encryption and security process.

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Radically new solutions

Built by teachers, tested with teachers. We gathered extensive feedback from our own classrooms, from our colleagues and friends and built a tool to address some of the intractable problems we experience every day.

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